Cannibal Rat: train commuter films rat dragging dead rodent through NYC subway station

FOOTAGE has emerged of a “cannibal rat” dragging the corpse of another rodent across a NYC subway platform and off into the darkness.

YouTuber JB Jose posted the clip, suggesting that a rat made famous for hauling a pizza slice down steps in September was now devouring its own species.

Jose titled the clip “NY Pizza Rat turns to cannibalism”.

“We were on the Manhattan-bound F platform,” JB Jose told The Gothamist.

“It must have been about 11:45pm. WATCH VIDEO BELOW OR CLICK HERE

“We didn’t really notice the dead rat on the steps till the other one appeared on the platform.

“I started filming cause my GF was deathly frightened.”

Commuters can be seen watching on in disgust as the rat drags its dead comrade along the ground.

Starving rats have been known to eat their own species if they have nothing else.

The clip has been viewed close to 500,000 times since being uploaded on Sunday.


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